cartão da transparência

feel when public money is spent from your wallet

monitor spending by Brazilian politicians by adding the transparency card to your wallet.

cartão da transparência 2

get notifications whenever politicians spend public money

how it works


choose the politicians you want to monitor.


add their cards to your digital wallet.


receive push notifications about spending.


remove or add cards whenever you want.

what is parliamentary allowance?

each politicians is entitled to a budget that comes from public money, in order to cover work expenses like travel, food, car rent and fuel. Know the rules and how to monitor these expenses with the Transparency Card.


transparency on how public money is spent is your right.

share, pressure for change and take back control of the money that comes out of your pocket.


The Transparency Card is a technology connected in real time with data from the Brazilian Government, through Portal da Transparência.

It simplifies the visualization and monitoring of political spending.

No data from the Portal da Transparência is altered. The update of the expenses is up to each politician - therefore the pressure for transparency must be constant.